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Started my new position at Anthem Visual Effects, several weeks ago and finally had a moment to update and let people know. Making the switch from AAA games to VFX, I’m now a 3D Character & Creature Artist working on the T.V. series Sanctuary, doing modeling, texturing, hair, fur, dynamics, rigging, scripting and pretty much anything involved in creating these wickedly evil creatures and bringing them to life. I’ve been kept quite busy since starting at Anthem Visual Effects, so some of my W.I.P.’s have gone untouched for some time now, but I hope to get some time to work on personal stuff again in the near future. Working with some really great people too… Good times ;)

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Awesome game, sweet party and some good times with my new friends Heber Alvarado from United Front Games,  Terence Wong from RockStar, and Kimberly Sanchez from The Embassy. Ya, we rawk!

I’m pretty excited to say that I’ll now be working as a Character Artist at United Front Games on a new Open-World title, “True Crime: Hong Kong“. There are some really great artists and all around talent that I have worked with before at Electronic Arts, as well as some that I have met only recently, that have been generous with their knowledge and invaluable in helping me progress as an Character Artist. I look forward to working with all my new team and United Front Games in general and learning as much as I can from those around me. Should be fantastic ;)

United Front Games Website

This is an interactive 3D Map of Vancouver that I designed and built on my own, over the course of 3 months. Unfortunately the project was canceled before the completion date and was posted live, incomplete with a few bugs. It also happens to be running on a very slow server, not at all optimized for flash, so don’t be surprised in how it runs. When I was testing, we did so on different servers that responded very well. I wish I could show you all this project in it’s completion, running smoothly, but oh well… I hope you still enjoy it. :)

Here are just a few samples of some of my Flash Motion Design Presentations. To STOP the Flash demo’s, please Right-Click over the Flash demo and choose “stop” from the menu. Thanks.

NetApp Presentation

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Adobe Launches Photoshop New Photoshop & Preimere Elements…

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Adobe Launches Premiere Elements…

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Adobe Launches…

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I was honored to have been invited to participate in the Pixologic Turntable Gallery. There’s a lot of great art in here and I thank the good folks at Pixologic for their continued commitment to making a 1st class art tool. Below is a link to the gallery on the Pixologic site where my contribution can be found. Thank you.