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I’ve actually been here a while now, but wanted to say it’s been a pleasure joining the Deluxe Services Entertainment Group Inc. and more specifically Method Studios where I’ve had the pleasure to work as a Senior 3D Modelling & Texture Artist on Feature Films. Since I’ve been with Method Studios, I have had the opportunity to work on Transformers 4, Night At The Museum 3, The Giver, and Maze Runner. Great people, great place, good energy and amazing results!



My name is Adam Muratoff. I have been producing art, animation and music my entire life and professionally for the past 20+ years. Speaking specifically to 3D Generalist Arts, I have been working professionally for about 10 years now. My career started as a working musician and part time artist back pre-Y2K. I have an aptitude to teach myself most everything I have been interested in learning in my life. I moved into web design and motion graphics around this time and had a career more focused on programming at the time. When I was writing my Java Developers Certification Exam, I fell in love with 3D software and began learning on my own. My programming career took a back seat to my passion for creating art and I began developing a portfolio of works that would firstly be recognized by Console Video Gaming industry. After years of being a Character and Creature Artist in the gaming industry, I remained with that focus as a Senior/Lead Artist in TV and eventually Feature Film, where I have made my home these past years. With heavy production schedules, and a family, I still try to produce as much art as I can for personal satisfaction and to keep me passionate about being an artist.

If you’re interested in knowing more specifics about my career…