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I had much fun working on Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction. I got to design, model, rig, texture, look dev and light a few Weapons Deployment Systems for the Transformers, one of which is shown here. Can’t wait to share more!! It’ll be a while, just like The Maze Runner shots I would like to share, have to wait for the studio to release the footage to the artist… always feels like it takes forever!! ;)


I’ve actually been here a while now, but wanted to say it’s been a pleasure joining the Deluxe Services Entertainment Group Inc. and more specifically Method Studios where I’ve had the pleasure to work as a Senior 3D Modelling & Texture Artist on Feature Films. Since I’ve been with Method Studios, I have had the opportunity to work on Transformers 4, Night At The Museum 3, The Giver, and Maze Runner. Great people, great place, good energy and amazing results!